EASA PART 66 Full Basic Training Programs

Zita Aviation offers full Basic Training Program according to EASA PART 66 , for Aircraft Engineering Basic License Category:
-B1.1 Line and base Maintenance Certifying Technician- Airplanes Turbine
-B1.2 Line and base Maintenance Certifying Technician- Airplanes Piston
-B1.3 Line and base Maintenance Certifying Technician- Helicopters Turbine
-B1.4 Line and base Maintenance Certifying Technician- Helicopters Piston
-B2 Line and base Maintenance Certifying Technician- Avionics

Target Group 
Individuals that want to pursue a career as Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAME) .
Trainees are not required to have any substantial previous technical qualifications or experience.


  • Secondary Education Certificate
  • Basic Knowledge of the English Language

Approved Basic Courses according EASA Part 66 have a total duration of 2.400 hours, that is approximately 24 calendar months including 1000 hours of Practical Training when conducted as an integrated program.

During the theoretical training all Part-66 Modules applicable to the relative category or subcategory license are covered:
MOD1- Mathematics
MOD2 – Physics
MOD3 – Electrical fundamentals
MOD4 – Electronic fundamentals
MOD5 – Digital Techniques Electronic Instrument Systems
MOD6 – Materials and Hardware
MOD7A – Maintenance Practices
MOD8 – Basic Aerodynamics
MOD9A – Human Factors
MOD10 – Aviation Legislation
MOD11A – Turbine Airplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
MOD12: Helicopter Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
MOD13: Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
MOD14: Propulsion
MOD15 – Gas Turbine Engine
MOD17A – Propeller

At the end of each module a written web-based examination is held. The minimum examination pass mark is 75 % according to EASA regulations.
Re-examinations are possible.

Practical Training
The practical training element corresponds to Modules 7 & 11 to 17. During the practical training trainees visit respective workshops and maintenance facilities.

Practical Assessment
Appointed practical assessors conduct practical assessments at the completion of each practical training period.

Courses are conducted in our approved EASA Part 147 Training Centre in Athens.
Practical training is conducted at our MRO partners.

Upon request

EASA PART 66 Tutorials & Examinations

As approved examination centre ZITA can offer examinations in all current EASA Part 66 modules. After passing the examinations, the respective Certificates of Recognition (CoR) will be accepted towards the application of an EASA Part 66 CAT B1/B2 licence.
Short courses (tutorials) can also be provided for  self-study trainees, removal of limitations on existing licenses or extension to other categories/sub-categories.

For more information please contact us at: info@zitaaviation.com or complete our enquiry form

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